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It Still Amazes Me #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Cannot Stop to Think About Our Meeting

Throughout the weekend, I cannot stop thinking about our meeting, I keep imagining us being together, his gentle voice keeps reverberating in my ears, his cool body as if he is from another firmament other than the world we live in I keep viewing, his face shining and I can

behold my face in it, his face looks like a mirror. His words are reassuring, comforting and lovely. I have not been thinking about any man before but my meeting him makes me to start thinking about a man, yea, thinking about him in particular. If I can be his’, I will always

make him happy, I tell myself. Then, I cautioned myself, ladies who are more beautiful than me have approached him but he has turned them down, I should not think of anything stupid. He may have turned those ladies down because of his love that does not reside in the

island, for I have once heard someone say his fiancée is in the developed country where he has come from. However, he looks loving, he has promised to be contacting me, I will be playing the ball along with him, I said to myself as I fell asleep. As he has stated, he keeps

contacting me, asks me of my parents, will take me out and soon we become the talk of the company. The ladies who have made advances to him in the past who he has turned down started thinking and saying what has he found in the young lady who is not beautiful, a lady


who has no experience about love, we who are experienced he has turned us down. One of the ladies who has thought the young director would be romantically involved with her asks me one day that how have I penetrated the young director’s eighteen-yard box, that I now

become his chosen one? I told her that I do not know, I have not done anything extra-ordinary, in fact, I have done nothing, I replied her. “Do you want me to believe this?” She asked. You can believe anything you want, but I have told you the truth, and another thing is

“it still amazes me how and why he loves me”, I reiterated. “Well beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, people use to say, maybe he is blind for him not to have seen those things that God has adorned my body with and he going to you who has nothing, tiny breasts, small

buttocks, no curvature, everything is flat on your body, no curvatures, you look like a man”, she said. I wonder what kind of beauty is in his eyes, maybe you have cast spell on him which makes him not to see good things that God has adorned my body with. I do not know

what to say again, I discovered that her words is becoming irritating and I need to leave her presence, lest I stoop low to her status, therefore, I left his presence…


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