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It Still Amazes Me #3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Debbie "Feranmi, Microbiologist

Debbie "Feranmi, Microbiologist

About Me and The First Contact with The Director

I am though one of the staff of the company for I studied microbiology in the university and I have been employed to work in the laboratory of the company, but I have not come across him for once, because the young Director is a reserved person, he is a diligent,

disciplined, hardworking, silent and prudent man. He has no friend among the people to the best of my knowledge, he walks alone. There have been histories of different ladies within the company who have proposed to him because they have known that he was single,

but none of them appeal to him because he did not get involved with any of them. What he usually told them according to what I heard is I will seek the face of the Lord on this, and if I receive a nod to go ahead I will feed you back. However, all of those ladies, he will tell them

that there is no way there. Therefore, many within the island have been saying maybe he is a eunuch, however hiding under the subterfuge of lie of the spirit to avoid them. This rumor is widely spread among the people of the island. The elders have said they should leave him

alone, because they know what they suffered before they could bring his parents back to the island, and after they have returned to the island and have decided to establish a company in the island which is a blessing to the people of the island, they should not do anything that

would cause problems again which will make them to close the company within the island, if he likes he may not get married, for that is what is obtainable in the developed country where he has come from, the people there believed in living your life to the full and they do

not place too much emphasis on marriage as we are doing here, the older people within the island have said to the youths asking them to put their hands where they belong and should not grieve the young Director nor his parents because words have ears and fly fast. Therefore

everyone has been minding his businesses in the company no one trespasses, no peddling of anything and if such would happen it will be outside the company premises. I am a young lady who graduated at the age of 22 years, because I finished with second class upper, the

management of the company has employed me. I have been employed as a staff of the company before he was moved to be the director of the company. Three years after I started my master’s program in the University. As one of the scholars of the island, I have been


contacted by the leaders of the social yam festival that I will be speaking on one of our products at the program, for about five minutes. It was during the presentation that he saw me and asks from the man who accompanied him to the program who I am, and the man told him

that I am one of the members of staff of the company. Then he said he has never seen me before, the man says he cannot see me, because I mind my business and that I am about to finish my master’s degree in the university. He was impressed by what he heard and asks the

man that he should send a message to me that he wants to see me, behind the pavilion. When I heard that he wants to see me, I started palpitating, thinking maybe I have said a thrash during my presentation because I know he is also learned, and could not be lied to. I

brought again what I have said on the podium to my memory and discover that I have not said a thrash, but what could be seeking me for? I repeatedly ask myself, but I got no satisfactory answer till I get to him with my heart beating fast. If one grieves a gentle man,

people say it is usually dangerous because they hardly forget though they are slow to anger but when they get annoyed, it is dangerous. “What could be the matter?” When I get closer to him he asks his body guard to leave him alone, as I walked closer. On getting to

him, greeting him, he says he is impressed by my presentation on one of the company’s new product even in the local language, it is for this that I have called you to appreciate you. I replied he does not need to do that. He says he needs to do that because when one appreciates

what a staff has done, it would ginger the staff to do more in the future. I thank him for noticing my presentation and for appreciating what I have said. He asks of the department to which I belong in the company and I told him, he collects my phone number telling me that

he will be contacting me later and we should get back to the program before they start noticing our absence. I laughed, “thank you sir” I said as I walked back to where I am standing. When I got to my position I cannot stop looking at his direction and though there are multitudes in the sporting pavilion yet our eyes do meet.