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It Still Amazes Me #2

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Accepting the Invitation

The magazine for the business persons within the continent having studied the wave of changes and developments associated with the company has given the company an award of excellence of the decade. The chairman who have been traveling to and fro the island have

been counseled by people to let his first son who is a qualified pharmacist to be heading the company within the island while he faces some other establishments. After due consideration, he agrees and moves his son to be heading the company within the island. It

was four years after he moved to the island to be overseeing the company that he decided to see what is happening during the yearly yam festival being celebrated within the island. He does not believe in yam festival and his father who is a native of the island and who got

married to another native of the island have believed that yearly yam festival is associated with idol worship and has strongly counseled his son not to go there, because he has been brought up in the way of Christ and they have said any thing that has to do with such is not

good. But the second year after he got to the island, people have sent messages to him to see what is happening during the yam festival, he has turned down their offer based on what he has been told by his parents. However, every year, the committee of the festival keep

sending messages to him as an important personality to grace the occasion. The year that he attended the program, the person who took the invitation card to him explained to him that the yam festival celebration has been divided into two parts, the social one and the idolatry

one. The social one is the one that comes first because we do not want people to associate the celebration to idol worship again, and two weeks after they finished the social one, those who believe in idol worship would do theirs. They allow two weeks gap because there are

people who celebrate with them socially who also have interest in the idolatry aspect of the yam festival, so that they shall be able to prepare for the occasion. He asks him to explain how the social function of the yam festival looks like. He told him that the program usually

starts in the morning with short sports activities, running and football matches among the youths of the island. Those sport activities would have started about two weeks earlier to find who shall play at the final. The football matches include the ladies too. At the grand finale

day, the athletics would first run, and those who won would be given awards, then female football teams would play their final matches followed by the male football teams. After they have played their final matches they would be given their awards. After this, farmers would

showcase their products, and the panel of judges would select the first three bests among those farmers which would be awarded by the chairman of the occasion. Then there would be launching and the event would be closed. However, before the close of the event, the

musicians within the island would also be invited to play for about five minutes each to also get them awarded and or sponsor them to wax an album. During the occasion, different companies would also display their products for people to know and the emcee of the

program would be talking about their products to the people. This essentially is the summary of what we used to do at the social yam festival of the island. It non-fetish and has no association within anything idol, he concluded. The young Director of the pharmaceutical

company told the man that he believes his parents do not know that the yam festival has been sectionalized in the island, because they have said it is idolatry and emphasized that he shouldn’t have anything to do with such things when he was coming to the island. Since no

one has taken time to explain such to him, therefore he equally has been distancing himself from such events because of his faith. The man talking to him replied that many things have changed in the island, since his parents left the island decades ago, and he wants

him to give it a trail and if they do anything fetish, anything outside what he has told him, he shouldn’t grace the occasion again and he should not allow him near him again nor anyone sends from the island. The young Director promises to grace the occasion that year because

he loves sports, and he told the man to send those people who are in charge of the sports to come to him so that he will give them First Aid drugs that would be used for the sports persons during the competitions, adding that he will also give money to all those who

participated in the competition from the preliminary stages to the final stages, according to him this will boost them up, to do more in sports. The man was elated telling him that he will convey his message to the leaders of the organizing committee of the yearly social yam

festival of the island. He did as he has promised and the people of the island was amazed, during the grand finale he was present as he has stated and that was when I come across him.


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