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It Still Amazes Me #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Committee’s Work

Four years ago I come across him, during the yearly yam festivals in the island, he was one of the natives of the island who hardly come home for anything for they believed our leaders are corrupt and they do not believe something good can come out of the island as long as

those crops of leadership are yet on the seats of power. However, prior this time, there has been clarion call by some people within the island imploring natives of the island who are in other islands and are doing great there to come home, and impact their knowledge on people

living in the island, according to them, if they continue to stay away from the island, the island will continue to suffer, and will be losing economically, socially among other things. It has been a while that the clarion call has been sent out to natives of the island who have

migrated out of the island to another islands. The group who are making the call are called “the concerned citizens of the island”, and they have set it upon their hearts to be sending out the clarion calls to the natives living in another island every month. To ensure that they

achieve this, they have instituted a committee among them to be doing this and special fund has been allocated unto the committee being raised from the well-meaning natives of the island who are yet living within the island and who are concerned to the growth, development

and wellbeing of the island’s natives within and without as well as those sojourning within the island. The allocated fund is for the members of the committee to make sure that committee runs smoothly so that they will not have an excuse for not performing what they

ought to perform in ensuring that they reach out unto all natives of the island in diaspora, thereby succeeding in bringing them back to the island. The work of the committee at the inception was not revealing, and at the inception of the take-off, they were meeting with brick

Kingdom Life Conference Members, University of Ilorin, Alumni

Kingdom Life Conference Members, University of Ilorin, Alumni

walls from the natives of the island outside, who said they do not want to have anything doing with the island again because they have succeeded at where they have relocated to, some of them have been given birth to there, and their children have no cause to go to their

island for anything, in fact some of them are top politicians in the island they live in and they are contributing in no mean measures to the development and the success of the islands and nations they have migrated to. Therefore when they are visited they will though

accommodate the people, while some would not accommodate them and would ask that they leave their telephone numbers that they will call them, which they never do. Though they were meeting with solid brick walls, yet they do not grow weary of contacting them, and

when any member of the team wants to be weak because of the insults, abuses, and neglects they meet from those people other members of the team would encourage those who grow weary not to look at those people but to focus on the goal, the target they wish to hit. By

this the group keeps contacting, the people, they also devise several techniques in passing the message across globally, thence they also employ the use of the social media locally and internationally in passing their messages across. Years after they have continued like this

their sweats started yielding dividends as some of the people who have migrated out of the island started having a rethink and started visiting the island, thereby bringing about a change in the economy of the island, because some of them decided to invest in the island

and establish companies. One of the companies established in the island by the natives of the island living in diaspora which is a pharmaceutical company has been discovered by inhabitants of the island to be the most rapidly developing company within the island.


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