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It Started In Columbine, When Will It End?

When a tragedy happens, especially in our public schools, it heightens my desire to write.


It Seems To Me That Our Government Should Make School Shootings A top Priority, And Take Action!

The designated city was Denver

Terror running ramped everywhere

School children trapped

Running and screaming

The two shooters mission, tare

mothers and fathers holding each other tight

Hoping and praying

Their children were all right

Policemen's guns drawn

And in mid-air

Searching the school

With torturous care

Two shooters on the loose

Hiding behind closed doors

Teacher covering children

Screaming soars

Shooters running

Shooting at shadows on the wall

A child wounded

Lying in the cafeteria hall

Shooters wounded

Wrists handcuffed

Blood crimson red

The scene will live on in children's dreams

Afraid to lie in their once safety bed.


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