It Never Fails

Updated on October 24, 2017
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Israel is a fan of many types of music and loves to write, not in any particular order and does them usually at the same time.

My hopes and dreams are brought to life,

Only to see them come crashing down around me,

I was doing everything right,

At least I thought I was,

It amazes because deep down inside I tell myself,

Do not get your hopes up,

Do not get excited,

Do not believe them,

I ignore that inner voice,

I shake it off and try to live with no regrets,

Again I am mislead,

Time and time again,

I believe them with passion and furor,

With this much enthusiasm what could wrong?

Only everything apparently,

Now I sit here alone with my broken heart in million pieces,

I should have known better,

The signs were there,

I chose to ignore them,

Blind, so blind I was,

I must be guarded for now,

What is coming around the corner?

Doesn't matter,

It never fails me to see my world shattered in an instant.


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    • IsraelMercado profile image

      Israel Mercado 4 months ago

      Well said, thank you!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      I think deep inside we are very fragile souls and when things go wrong or something hurts us it really affects us deeply. Nicely expressed.