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It Makes Me Think Of The Passing Of Time And That Comes Fast And Furious!

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For Peggy Woods A Dear Friend


Oh time, where are you?

What is this thing in life we experience?

It makes me stop and wonder

Is this real ?

From the moment we share it

It escapes us

How can we trust it?

When we can not hold it in our hands

It spans generation after generation

There is not one person in life it does not influence

People with a lot of time

Can enjoy each moment

The pleasure that has been created

Happiness in motion

We live in great anticipation of what may happen next

Ironically, people are all affected differently

For some people they have very little time

It is the end

It is a sadness we shall never forget

Then again we can't stop talking about it

All during our lives

Nobody can ever buy it

We can never give it away

It arrives in the light and in the darkness

It is like nothing I have ever known

Children want it to pass quickly

Adults want it to go by slow

Everyone has their own opinion on it

Time and time again

You are my fickled friend

I know you by name

But I never give you the credit you deserve

From now on

Time will always be spelled this way

With a capital T

For you have given me a chance to experience you

Through every emotion

Without it I would never exist

A brainchild of God

So important in every thing we do

May time bless you with the greatest love

That you too

Can say you have lived

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