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It Lies Within

NatureBoy curiousness from childhood never left him. He was always reasoned with anything he didn't think was the correct and looked within.

It Lies Within

I have stopped my travels to pass this message on

and as soon as I'm through I shall be gone,
but it's my love for you and hate for your sadness
which causes me to work and bring some gladness
to you with the frame of mind I want to die.
I know that feeling too, for there was a time when I
sought to end it all by passing into death,
but a whisper came from within before I took my breath.
What was said has since escaped my mind
but what brought me joy I did later find.

One wise man said he is the way, and for me that's true,
that's why wherever you see me, I'm only passing through.
But everywhere I go I see sadness on your face
and realize it's because you haven't found your place.
You can't find it in a crowd, nor in what is taught in school,
no other man can tell you for what they say, as a rule,
will only add to your sadness, for the answer lies within.

How do I reach my root-center you ask me
after seeing me joyous and content as can be,
but the answer to that question was shown to you long ago
though in your attempt to please others you actually closed that door.
You didn't do it alone is another thing I know
but others wouldn't leave you alone for your center to show
you what to do, but kept you cuddled so tight
with do this and that you couldn't see your center's light.
Then later when your center came, others called it fantasy
thinking what they were doing is the way things ought to be.

Now to get you on the path to hear what your center say
is to bring again those fantasies you let go yesterday,
explore them to their depth, in them are the clues
to bring again your joy and dissipate your blues.
If you ask me, maybe I can give aid,
from your life I may remove some shade
to assist your reaching the joy you get from your center within.

© 2019 Elijah A Alexander Jr

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