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It Is Time


Before The Day Is Over

We have to do the dishes

We ate breakfast

I know we didn't get much sleep

We ate lunch

I understand we were busy

We ate supper

I get it

We are tired

It was a very full day

We were always on the go

It is a little before eleven at night

By the end of the day

We have to clean the dishes

I made the bed

We both worked outside staining the deck

You cooked supper earlier

I cleaned up our mess outside

When all is said and done

I decided to wash the dishes piled high in the sink

While you watch a cooking show

It is not one person's job

All the time

It is whoever can get to it first

It happened to be me

I was not as tired as you

When you break it down

My father use to say

The sooner you get started

The sooner you will be finished

It doesn't matter who's turn it is to do it

If you have the time

You do it

No need to get nitpicky

Fill the sink with hot soapy water

Start washing the dishes

Then rinse them under cold water

It takes time

It is not the most fun

Unless your me

Then you find a way to turn it into something fun

I am a kid again

I get to play in the water

I get to make suds as high as the cabinets

Each dish is a sea animal

Each pan is a boat

All the silverware are little baby fishes

The boats ride on top of the water

They drop the sponge which is the net

Bringing up the catch of the day

The boats have to scrubbed down

Because they get so dirty

The sea animals dive in and out

Cleaning themselves off with the water spout

Each comes out of the water one by one

Whoever is left

Is the winner

A sea turtle or could it be an octopus

A sailboat. lobster boat or a big old tug boat

I think it might be one of the fishes

That dives down deep

Lays on the bottom of the ocean

With the starfish and the turtles

When we are done

We have to drain all the water

Until next time when we can come back and play again


DREAM ON (author) on October 25, 2020:

John Hansen I love the way you think also. You always bring new light to any of my hubs that you visit. I can't thank you enough for all that you do. Even though we are so many miles away I believe we have many of the same good and healthy views about life. I have little time in between my home life and work. When I do have a minute I like to reflect on how wonderful my life is. In a simple and relaxing manner. Not without hardships or problems. Just plain old love that keeps pushing me on to new heights. I believe sharing is giving. When we give we also make more room to receive. It is like our bedroom closet. When we go through our old clothes and give them away because maybe they are too small or we don't wear them anymore. Now we have space for something new. Maybe just the empty space and the ease to get at our clothes without fighting to pull out a shirt with other shirts. My size hasn't changed for years so I have a lot of shirts. I have clothes I love because they are comfortable and some I use if I was going out to eat. Some days I like just to put on a pair of sweatpants other times it could be a pair of dungarees. Then there are times I wear my old clothes when I go out in the yard. I get down and dirty. Dirt flying and my wife swears I rolled in the mud. I can be a kid again. No harm to anyone. I get out there and exercise and come in exhausted. Maybe I was a sheep farmer in a former life. Who knows? Thank you for reading and sharing your insight. Have a great morning.

DREAM ON (author) on October 25, 2020:

Gypsy Rose Lee I think there are so many things we don't know about this life and the next one. I believe our family, friends, and animals that have passed on are visiting us all the time. We might see them as shadows during the day or they might come to us in dreams. They might show us signs like an indentation on the bed. We might see birds or bright blue skies that remind us of them. There are so many ways and so many beautiful and enjoyable feelings we can experience the love we have received and continue to have. It doesn't stop because they are no longer with us. They are around to look over and guide us when needed. They want us to live our lives and learn and experience things for ourselves. Sometimes it is during tough times other times it could be just a wonderful day writing. The list is endless. We have control of our lives and we choose what we want and do. It all starts in our mind long before we act and put things in motion. Our thoughts lead us to good and bad. Change your thoughts change your outcome. It sounds easy but it really is harder than it looks. I always appreciate your views about life and the way you are willing to share. We all go through so many of the same feelings through our own experiences. Which makes it amazing and interesting. I am glad you take the time to tell me about your day. It triggers things that have happened in my life also. Some good some sad. Life is not meant to be a struggle. It is meant to live and be lived. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I think life is all about caring. I hope this finds you happy and healthy. I believe your money situation will change for the better. You have to see it in a different light. Anytime you want to talk more please feel free to e-mail or share here. I love that Sid and Papa came to you but I believe they have been here for along time. Now maybe you are only seeing them.Thank you so much.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on October 24, 2020:

I hope all is well with you. I as usual, am busy seeking writing jobs but have managed to keep ahold of the little money I have for this month a bit better than last month. I am no longer worried about survival because I know that if I am meant to survive I will with help from the Lord. I hope you remember my last cat Sid well I was pleasantly surprised that he came to visit me in spirit. I am sure he is happy with his Papa up above but knows I am all alone at this moment. On the corner of my bed ai have a large pillow and on top a blanket if needed. Out of habit I smooth over the blanket every morning and one day noticed there was an indentation like a cat curled up. When I figured it out I was overjoyed that my fur baby was checking up on me. He had been around twice and one morning the indentation even felt warm, At least I know I am being watched over by my loved ones.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on October 23, 2020:

I like your style Dream On. Turn washing the dishes into a child’s game. It is my job, so I just try to get it over and done with as soon as possible. It is no good arguing about whose turn it is to do certain things though. If you have free time, just get in and do it. Nice write, thanks for sharing.

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