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It Is Time

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Before The Day Is Over

We have to do the dishes

We ate breakfast

I know we didn't get much sleep

We ate lunch

I understand we were busy

We ate supper

I get it

We are tired

It was a very full day

We were always on the go

It is a little before eleven at night

By the end of the day

We have to clean the dishes

I made the bed

We both worked outside staining the deck

You cooked supper earlier

I cleaned up our mess outside

When all is said and done

I decided to wash the dishes piled high in the sink

While you watch a cooking show

It is not one person's job

All the time

It is whoever can get to it first

It happened to be me

I was not as tired as you

When you break it down

My father use to say

The sooner you get started

The sooner you will be finished

It doesn't matter who's turn it is to do it

If you have the time

You do it

No need to get nitpicky

Fill the sink with hot soapy water

Start washing the dishes

Then rinse them under cold water

It takes time

It is not the most fun

Unless your me

Then you find a way to turn it into something fun

I am a kid again

I get to play in the water

I get to make suds as high as the cabinets

Each dish is a sea animal

Each pan is a boat

All the silverware are little baby fishes

The boats ride on top of the water

They drop the sponge which is the net

Bringing up the catch of the day

The boats have to scrubbed down

Because they get so dirty

The sea animals dive in and out

Cleaning themselves off with the water spout

Each comes out of the water one by one

Whoever is left

Is the winner

A sea turtle or could it be an octopus

A sailboat. lobster boat or a big old tug boat

I think it might be one of the fishes

That dives down deep

Lays on the bottom of the ocean

With the starfish and the turtles

When we are done

We have to drain all the water

Until next time when we can come back and play again

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