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It Is Now I Know #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


This is contrary to the documentations

And beliefs of some quarters that

As one grows old depreciation sets

In and grasping things becomes difficult

His knowledge as he grows old

Is better off than when he was young

I can attest to this because I know

What he offers me now that he is old

The counsels and instructions he

Gives me now is far better than in

The ages past, this may have stem

Out of his experiences

Experience they say is the best

Teacher and I cannot agree less

I am better of with him now than

Then because of his wealth of counsel

I have also become a counselor to

Many people now because I have

Someone to run to which others could

Not run to anyhow, anytime

I have given him all without

Reservations, even when people

Look down on me and despise me

Saying why should I do that to a man

It is foolhardy to do that for

Any man whatsoever, given you all

To a man who can disappoint and

Leave you for someone else

I heard them for theirs’ was to

Talk, but mine is to make decision

For whom I want and how I want it

This decision I made though contrary to their expectations

They lay in wait for me

To know what would become my end

They thought my love is like others

But he proved his real worth,

He proved that he is a man

Of his words, and he has not disappointed me

It is therefore not surprising to

Me now what I am enjoying

When others are languishing and

Wallowing in the dungeon of lack

Of understanding and wisdom,

I am not.

It is now that I know that I

Have really taken the right step,

I now know that following my heart

Has really paid off for me

Like Eagles he places me

On his feathers and lift me to

The highest of the mountains

To rest and renew my vigor


Like Eagles he teaches my hands

To war and my fingers for the

Battle always telling me that

The world is full of wickedness

He will always let me know

That no one could be relied upon

For the one you rely on today

Could disappoint you anytime

Sadly he will say when they

Want to disappoint you they will

Not notify you that they will do

That, they will just back off suddenly

Back off when I have put my

Trust in them that all is well

And looking upward to them

Then they will leave

Leave they will like a wall

That has cracks in it, like a

Tree that ants have eaten its roots

That can fall anytime without notification

Through him I know that it is what

One does with ones hands that really

Lasts, but relying on others for

Promises, won’t last

Those promises are vague and

Empty and would not do you good

They cannot be trusted but I can

Always trust me, myself what I do

What I have control on is what

I should consider mine but not what

I do not have control over,

He taught me act of independency.

When others are seeking for

Succor I am not because I have

Been trained to war, been trained

To independently live

I have given my Lover my love

My lover is mine and I am his

Under his powerful wings I rest,

Glide and fly

My love takes me high,

To where the enemies cannot reach

Hiding me in the clefts that

No danger can access

He is the best I have,

He is the best thing that

Has ever happened to me

He is my happiness.

He is my move,

He is my stay,

He is my only star

He is my smile and joy