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It Is Now I Know #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


Like eagle whose eyes

Become sharper as it goes

Higher very far above the

Ground surface

Every year it renews its

Wings, and when doing that

It will have to go into the

Topmost mountain

Where it will hide itself

In the clefts of the rocks

Where it will remove it

Feathers and would wait there

Waiting there for days,

Yea weeks and months

Until its feathers grow back

Then it will leave the place

New vigor it has gotten

New power it has obtained

At the place of rest and

Solitude where it has been

It loves its eggs and such

Would not lay its eggs just

Anywhere, it lays its eggs at

A very secretive place away and away

Yea, away from the spectacles

Of men and other dangerous animals

Away from where other animals

Could easily access

Like other birds would incubate

The eggs for days until it is hatched

After hatching the eggs it would

Stay with it protecting it

Under its wings will it be

Protecting the new birds teaching

Them many things about life

Indeed teaching them about living

It will make them know that

Life is not full of bed of roses

Teaching them that life is full

Of ups and downs

Letting them know that

Dangerous animals are in the world

Those dangerous beings are out to

Harm them and they should be ready

Be ready to defend themselves

Because if they do not defend

Themselves no one would defend them

They would feast on them


It will teach them how to

Defend themselves, teach them how

To fend for themselves all

This the mother, would be teaching

The eaglets as it carries them

On her wings higher into the

Firmament and then would release

Them watching them

It will be looking at them

Looking at how they glide and

How they fly in the firmament

Coming to their aid when necessary

As they keep growing and learning

It will be pointing them to what

They should be observant of in the

Air, what they should notice on land

Soon the younger ones of

Yesterday become masters of today

And they would be ready to also

Instruct others eaglets that would emerge

It does not eat just anything,

Its foods are special ones,

Which it sees when high in the

Air and rapidly descends to take

With its claws that are sharp

And pointed which would be used

In grasping the prey and far

Into the firmament it leaves again

Taken the prey to where it

Would be feasted upon with

Others. With its claws it defends

Itself against any form of enemies

Any enemy that misbehaves it

Will silence and would feast on

Its body. It protects its own

And would not let it see destruction

Like this he is to me,

As he is growing older his

Imaginations and reasonings get sharper

And brighter


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