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It Is Late And I Have To Go To Bed

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I Ate A Few Cookies For A Chocolate Fix

My eyes are beginning to close

My back is slowly starting to slouch

I know it won't be long

Before I can't control my body functions any more

I keep saying

I will endure

What is this that I want to find

Is it a real-life game of hide and seek

My neck muscles begin to tighten up

I know it is only a matter of time

Tomorrow is another day

I have already cut into it already

The time read 3:37 as I read the kitchen clock

The darkness outside is only teased by the reflection of the kitchen light

With it's white balls glowing

Scattered fingerprints reach across the glass

Are they in the inside?

Are they on the outside?

Tomorrow I will clean them off

Tonight I am more curious and amused

Why did I not notice them before?

How could I not see them in plain sight?

My mind slowly shutting down

My thoughts far and few in between

My wife already reminding me to come to bed

I will in a minute

That was over an hour ago

As I accidentally hit

The zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I erased them only to bring them back

To show you what I see

Maybe my brain subconsciously had enough

I had a shower hour ago

Refreshed and ready to write

I tapped away

With my fingertips on point

Like a tap dancer trying their best

Not to show off

Because I have no fancy moves

In an attempt to reach beyond my current thoughts

Only to stumble and fall

I guess I am not as good as I think

Even though I pour my heart out

I might still stink

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