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It Is Feathers That Hide Their Sweat #2

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He also has been bearing it in mind that things would soon change for him if he could

Face the work, with time he will leave his father’s house and establish his own bakery for

Himself. It was during this time that the uncle walks to him counseling him that he needs to

Leave his father’s house and properties because what he sees that is in the offing for him

Is not good. The young man has however, acted the way he acted because he remembers that

Before his mother died, his mother has told him that he should not trust any of his father’s

Uncles, for they all supported the first wife. Her mother added that she believes that they

Are working for her, for several indices pointed out to that, but those indices she was unable

To tell him before her sudden demise. Now, that he comes to him to counsel him that he

Should leave his father’s compound because danger is in the offing and with him

Opposing his statement that he won’t leave he was playing ostrich with the man, as he does

Not want him to know what was in his mind, because the “heart of man is desperately

Wicked” so says the holy writ, he cannot be trusted, he may have been sent by the

Woman to know what he wants to do and then set him up. Therefore, he keeps countering

Him as if he has a secret power somewhere that he wants to use to fight the woman.

However, deep within him he has concluded the plans of when to leave the island and

Where to leave for, but he hides those from people lest he be monitored. One faithful Sunday

Which is the day that his father uses to have meeting with other bakers in the island, he left

The island. He boarded a car going to the nearby town to show people that he was not

Going far. After he dropped from the car, he boarded another vehicle to another island, and

From the new island he takes a train going to a very distant place in the middle belt of the

Republic. He got to the place the midnight of the third day and had to sleep at the train

Terminus. When the day breaks forth, he started working at a place close to the terminus. As

He was doing this, he keeps his face on the ground to know the situation of things in the new

Island that he has moved to. Three months after he arrived at the place, he has gathered

The needed information about how to establish bakery in the island. He has some money on

Him which he has come to the island with, and with the money he has saved during the

Periods he was working at the terminus, he was able to get a bakery house which the

Owner wants to rent out because he has secured a government job and he thinks he cannot

Combine the two works together as it is said that anyone who chases two rats would miss out,

He wants to face the government work. He contacted the person and rented the bakery

House and started to work there. At the initial period that he starts to operate the bakery

House, things changed for the young man because all the people in the area like his product,

"Payday Loan Song"

For his bread is always soft and very nutritious. He has been making waves in the island

With those who have been operating in the island for decades. Then the government of the

Island borrowed money from one of the global lending houses and she was given a stringent

Rules to follow to ensure the repayment of the loans and putting the republic back on her

Feet economically. The new rules that have been given the government have negative effects

On the one-man businesses in the island, and it was not long that many of the newly

Established businesses started collapsing, and this young man’s business was not an

Exemption to the collapse. The young man in an attempt to resuscitate his business went and

Took a loan too, but the loans he was not able to repay back because of the economic policies

Which is very hard on the people of the island. When he could not repay the loans, the

Creditor gets hold of some of his properties and sold them to offset some of the debts he has

Owe, yet he could not repay all. Thence, the young man has to go and be working as a

Servant under other bakers within the island to keep his soul and body together. One day,

His creditor who has been seeking for him for long met with him and accuses him that he has

Been avoiding him. He told him that he has not for once been avoiding him but what happens

Is that his cock is sweating it is only that it is the sweat that is hiding the sweat from

People. He is doing all within his reach to ensure that he raises something weekly to be

Paying the debt gradually, but the problem is that those he was working with too are having

Difficult times selling their products and when they could not sell their products how

Would he be paid? At times they will tell him to stay back, that when they have sold what

They have produced and need him that is when he will be contacted. Which then means that

The money he has received from them is what he will live on until they sold all those

Products collect the money and be able to bake some other products, things are not easy for

Me too, he said. it is true that your cock is sweating, but it has been hidden by thine feathers,

I know but as you know that a creditor cannot but ask the debtor of the debts therefore I

Have asked you imploring you that you should not forget me the very second that things

Changed for you, he said. I can never forget you, he replied, it is our prayers that this terrible

Phase within the island pass as soon as possible without claiming our lives he replied as they parted their ways….

Quotation: Jeremiah 17 verse 9


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