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It Is Feathers That Hide Their Sweat #1

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When his step mother was maltreating him, blocking every move of his father to get him

Educated, he was called by one of his uncles that he needs to leave the island if he wants to

Make headway through in life. He replied the man that no one can chase him out of his

Father’s compound, because he is also a legitimate child like other children in the house of

His father. The man replied that what he was telling him was for his own benefit because he

Knows the woman that she is very wicked and would not mind that sun sets at mid-day. Yet

The young man acted as if he did not understand what the man was saying as he was

Countering the man, saying no one can force him out of his father’s compound, for he has the

Same right like others. When the man discovers that the young man would not listen to him,

He talks to himself, that it will be very dangerous if he carries someone else’s load on his

Head but trivially handles his own loads. (It is the belief of the people of the island that when

One carries a load on one’s head it is safer, and it is expected that one ought to carry his or

Her loads on his head and not put other people’s loads on one’s head while one handles

One’s loads. It is proverb suggestive that people should esteem their lives than the lives of

Other people nigh by, it is a proverb of advise and cautioning to anyone who is overtly

Supporting another person to his or her own detriment.) He lives the young man alone and

Returned to his own abode, stating to himself that he has tried his best for him, that the spirit

Of his late mother would equally know that he indeed tried to tell him what he should do but

He was the one who ignored the warnings, like a dog that would perish that usually ignores

The warnings of the hunter. The young man’s child has died under mysterious circumstances

When he was eight years old. And people have been pointing accusing fingers at her step

It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child ORIGINAL SONG Child Abuse Awareness ft. Calli Kathleen

Mother that she was the brain behind her death because she is a witch and belongs to

Different secret cults in the island. She has shown open distaste, and hatred for her since the

Time their husband brought her home as the second wife. People have been speculating that

After their husband insisted that he will marry her, she has done terrible charm to block her

Uterus, preventing her from becoming pregnant, and that if she will take in at all the baby she

Will give birth to would be a baby girl for she looks forward to being the first woman who

Shall give birth to a baby boy, the heir for their husband. But all of this failed, as the

Woman takes in and gives birth to a baby boy which is the young man that the man was

Talking to. However, after the woman has given birth to the baby boy, she could not take in

Again until she died under mysterious circumstances at the eight-birthday ceremony of

The baby boy. After the death of the woman, the step mother starts to maltreat the young boy,

Showing open dislike for him, wishing him die than being alive. This was the situation at

Home with the young boy, and like vegetables which despite the presence of thorns

Continue to grow so is the case with the young boy when he was young and whatever he does

God blesses. Albeit during his teenage days, things got harsh with him, as the step mother

Would not allow her husband to send him to school again and he has to drop out of school

When he was thirteen years old. After he dropped out of school he started following his

Father to his bakery site to give him a helping hand, and his father would be talking to him

That he should not worry whatever God has destined that one would become in life, one

Would surely become no one can alter what one would become in life. With this kind of word

And others, his father uses to comfort him at the bakery site for that is the place where he

Could have access to him to talk to him for his wife would not give him room to speak

With his son when they are at home together.


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