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Issues of Mine


MY life, my problems

Yes I have a problem
From people around me.
It May sound weird, to you!
But this is the reality
Yes, I have trust issues
With people and this is the
The biggest problem I’m facing
Right now.
Trying to find out the solutions
Of this problem, but
Unfortunately, I didn’t find one.
I don’t have trust issues from
At an early age, I grow up
As I grow up.
As I meet people.
I don’t know what to do.
I didn’t know how to handle this.
I feel scared most of the time
Before going to try something new.
Before meeting new people,
Nowadays, I am scared of the people
Whom I know very well.
What if they broke my heart?
Again and again.
How will I handle this, again?
Did I able to survive with
This broken heart?
No, no one can…!
But I can heal my broken heart…!
I know that I have the courage
To heal my broken heart
Again and again as many times
As you broke.
But today I want to commit
That it hurts a lot, it hurts a lot!

- Akansha Agrawal

© 2022 Akansha Agrawal

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