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Isolationist Theory in Motion

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Woke up this morning with a sudden feeling of dread

Bored with the routine of staying in the same place

Forced to give into the impulse of being the ultimate sea slug

A slacker wrapped in the guise of an overachiever

Stuck in a conflict that was impossible to escape

Staying relaxed and motivated at the same time

A feat that not even Hercules himself could accomplish

Too much time on their hands and not enough desire

Ready to sink into the couch and swim in the cushions

Metaphorically speaking of course

Would be a literal mess it was an actual plan

Luckier than most individuals at this junction

Have a job and a roof over my head

Hard to separate work and home life

When everything was so close together

Eager to take another walk around the calming lake

Seeing nature and feeling the sun as it hit from all sides

Not likely happening today since the sun decided to take a day off

Rains deciding to make staying indoors the better option

Ready for some form of normalcy to return to the fold

Eager to meet new people and take more social chances

Realized that this was an opportunity to sort out past

Deal with everything underneath the surface

In order to have a proper future to move onto

Under the full impression that it was better to be safe

Than to take too many risks at this point

Lives were at stake; including public interest

Forced to work 40 plus hour days in the dining room

Longing for a connection; just the slightest hint of human interaction

A voice or simple wave of hello would suffice

Indicating that you actually existed and weren't just a figment

Of somebody's overly active imagination

A fever dream that was left in the dryer five minutes too long

Longing to not have to dress like a bandit about to rob a bank

Or a surgeon playing one on the television show in your mind

Since there are no more new programs on major networks

Stopped filming when the madness started going full tilt

Time to start being creative again and become an active member

Of the human race from the confines of a home office

Better to have practiced before making a complete fool of yourself

For when the isolation has ended and socializing isn't against the rules

Fingers crossed that it will be sooner rather than later.

Time to play a different type of doctor during all of this.

Time to play a different type of doctor during all of this.

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