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Isolation Causes Mistrust.

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


There's a hole in the sky I just can't reach
Not exactly a circle shaped like a peach
elliptical orbit shooting star
A heart shaped hole seen from afar
Dying embers salt wound upon the ground
The heart shaped hole spinning around and down
Memories to me are just diamonds and rust
Feelings turn to steam evaporating trust
Let me be what I'm meant to be
A spinner of words
embroiderer of sentiment
To complete my tapestry of emotions
Wordsmith to the gods of literature
Feeder of souls
Because poetry touches more than the soul.
Pushed away
Couldn't you stay
Why did you stray
Am I in the way
Something to say
Now gone away
The end of the day.
On the periphery of society
On the periphery of family
On the periphery understanding
On the periphery of life.
In the midst of obscurity
In the midst of a pandemic
In the midst of trepidation
In the midst of England.
Sadness can be blinked
Like the tear in your eye
Like time seconds limp ambly by
To focus upon the hurt
Robs the joy that awaits to grow
Is like denying the rain to become a rainbow
Can you believe in love
When it ultimately turns to disgust
Do you think its the rain from above
That turns your relationship to rust
Is a beautiful smile a prelude to lies
Or an embrace a gentle squeeze to much
Is another's mistake a surprise
When brittle faith is broken by mistrust.

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