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I am an amateur writer who writes poetry and short stories and I love to cook.

Good Vibes, Great Vibes

Life Is Strange

I've always felt that life was strange. You can feel so strongly about something or someone but when it leaves, you feel better. Life is strange but it can be strangely wonderful and I like that

I wrote this poem because it was my life at some point. I had this boyfriend who I thought I adored so much. I was young and I was a fool and so I couldn't see that I deserved better. But then one day, we broke up. The situation was a terrible one and I finally left him for good.

And I felt better.

I was sad for awhile because of the circumstances but once that sadness lifted... I was so happy. I felt it so strange because I never realized how unhappy I was in that relationship.

I wrote this poem in memory of that.

Here's the poem:


It's strange

the way my whole life used to be about you

not my family

not my friends

not myself

but you

it's strange that I let it be that way

because you didn't deserve me

it's strange because

after leaving you

I'm finally happy.


Final Thoughts

Life is strange but it can be pleasant. I'm glad I went through that experience because it helped me figure out my worth and what I deserved. I know you guys can understand where I'm coming from and maybe you've had a similar experience that helped you as well

I hope you guys enjoyed this and thank you for taking the time to read this.

See you later darlings!

Be Happy

Life is strange but be happy.

Life is strange but be happy.

© 2019 Tia Miller