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Isn't It Funny

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How Dreams Come Alive In Children's Movies

In real life it is a little more difficult

We try to make things happen

Planning what the best outcome may be

Putting our time and efforts in to see positive results

Then some things just don't work out

Many people stop there

I am not sure that is the end of the line

There comes a time we are stumped

We hit a roadblock and have a difficult time

It seems impossible to move on

I say give it time

Your mind can keep working on any problem

Twenty- four hours a day

Even while you are a sleep

You would be surprised how little changes in technology

Can bring a whole new outcome

That at one time wasn't possible

One day you might be doing something totally different

An idea will strike

I don't think there is any problem that can't be solved

It just isn't always done in the time we would like

There are many problems I don't have an answer too

I haven't given up on them entirely

You could say I put them on a waiting list

To be reviewed from time to time

To see if I can add any changes

Maybe my calculations and math was wrong

There are times you have to let the problem sit

I know it's not the outcome you want to hear

What is the alternative

Giving up


Letting someone else find the solution

That you are close to making happen

Deciding to put the idea out to pasture

Where the wild grass grows long

The winds whistle loud

Time drifts away as the sun fades

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