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Isis Poem

A fan of Egypt and all things Isis, wants to visit Egypt one day


An Ode to Isis

In the country of Egypt,

In each abandoned crypt,

There lays secrets of the unknown,

More fabulous than even Rome.

Everybody knows Egypt for it's tombs and artifacts,

It's mummies, and pyramids, the worshipping of all cats.

What interests me most,

Are the spirits and ghosts,

And the gods and goddesses,

The stories that leave me restless.

Isis the mother, Osiris the brother,

Horus the son, I like them a ton!

My life has always been a bumpy ride,

But Isis is there, my soul to guide.

Isis is the goddess of magic, family and fertility,

Loving and nuturing, kindness is her speciality.

Every lifetime, she is my best friend,

We will always love each other, until the very end.

© 2022 EmoWitch

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