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Is Your Progress Staircase One? Do Not Give Up #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


I started watering the business with my sweat and blood for I desire it to

Grow rapidly, but I was gravely mistaken, things do not work like I had

Anticipated, no assistance from anyone, loans could not be taken for the

Criteria for getting such could not be fulfilled. Different things were

Attempted to bring about the changes expected, bringing my dreams to

Fulfillment, yet I met with failures on those, for in my desire to get out of

The position I have been defrauded and duped by many people not

Excluding the government officials. It was then I know that only

Limited number of people are really genuine in the world, the world is the habitation of

The wicked ones, people who are wolves and dangerous animals in sheep clothing are

All around the world, their desires are to swindle and rob the innocents. Having known this

I resort to following what the elders say, “it is only one’s palms that cannot deceive a man

But as for people around, their minds are full of deception”. When I come back to my

Senses, and do not rely on anyone again except “myself”, what I can do by myself is what

I have assurances on, then I started having peace of mind, then I started noticing changes

The changes though minimal or insignificant as could not be noticed by outsiders, but

I know there is changes. Family members look forward to an accelerated progress, but that

I could not achieve except this “snail-like” progress. During this period, I cannot

Boast of $1:00 dollar a day, and were anyone to need $1:00, the person must have

Informed me weeks if not months ahead, so that I will be saving it cent by cent.

However, I never give up, I keep believing, I keep sowing, I keep being an optimist

That tomorrow would be alright, if a higher power could dissuade me from taken

Those terrible decisions that depression has forced me into previously, then the higher

Power would make something happen to me in the future. In this position was I when

I can give $1:00 out freely, then it moves from there to $2:00 and more, as I do not

Look for anyone before given such out, neither does it have negative impact on my

Yesterday’s “pico-business” which is gradually changing face. Now, as I reflect on those

I discover that a lot has changed, about twenty years ago, I was practically a beggar

The condition I was in forced me into being a beggar which most of the times would be

Molested by friends and peers hardly been assisted by them. Now, I can give $20:00 or

Jonathan Nelson - I Believe (Island Medley)(Official Video)

More without being affected, without batting an eye, now, I have a phone that I am

Regularly maintaining without being a civil servant nor a government worker earning

High salary, now, I do not run out of “data”, hardly going to the cybercafe again. I

Discover that I am gradually getting to the position that my heart has been longing

For when I was a child, being of help to the needy and the indigent ones in the society

Then I am glad, though I am far off where I am going, but this staircase-like phenomena

Progress worth being grateful to God for, and I desire to put this down for some who

May be in the position that I have passed through before, been depressed, seeking for

Death than being alive, may have been at the verge of committing suicide but being held

Back by a force that you do not know, and you find yourself alive again, you may

Have started your business with nothing “zero-account” like I did years back, I want

You to know that there is hope for you, do not lose hope in yourself, brace yourself up

Believe in your dream and yourself, believe you have a wonderful tomorrow, as you

Sow with tears today, you will start reaping with joy tomorrow. The “tomorrow” may

Though not be a “24 hours” time, but it means if you do not relent in what you are doing

One of the seeds you are sowing will fall on a good ground which will yield bounteously

Than you ever dreamt of. Do not give up, keep sowing, keep believing, focus on yourself

More than outsiders, that is your rest and everything will fall into their rightful place soon.


By "Pico-Scale-Level", the author means the lowest possible means of starting a business or something, because there is "small-scale", "medium scale" among other levels, but the ebb I started from was from "nothing", zero level.