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Is Your Progress Staircase One? Do Not Give Up #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


As I lay on my mattress, my mind takes me back to the past, when I was

Young, I used to have dream dreams, dream about many things, about how I

Want my life to look like, what I want to be, seeing myself in another scene

Pedestal verily different from the one I was living in then. Thereafter, I will

Tell myself that tomorrow would be better than the present as we were being

Taught by our parents. As I continued to grow I started thinking that things

Would be seamless, things would go straight and would be rapid like we all

Hear our parents say of what the world was for them during their days, but in the

Oblivion that I am grossly mistaken. Things have changed in the world and are

Not following a straight path as I had been made to believe, it is neither that my path

Is a straight one, nor sinusoidal in nature, for my path is essentially without a definitive

Course and at a point, my path in life becomes static not knowing what to do about life

Again, at this moment, I was seeking for death, for it is better to die than to be alive

Suffering, seeing those who are without intelligent making it, while I become servant to

Them, this sickens me than anything. Walked I to the apex of a mountain and would

Be subsumed by suicidal attempts on many occasion, then the words of my parents

And the older ones in the society would come to my mind again, as long as one is alive

There is hope. How can there be hope in a hopeless condition that I am in, I will ask

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Sing a New Song (Live)

Myself, but a higher power would somehow restrict me from taking the deadly step

That I wish to take and would return to my home half dead, half alive, hoping against

Hope still as it has been brought to my mind. All this while, I do not have a course to

Follow, the supposed close friends have deserted me, my spouse has left me, I am

Alone in the wilderness of solitude of the world. Parents could not be of assistance

Because there are terrible issues they equally are battling with, then the word of God

That I have read would come to my mind, stopping me from taken negative acts.

In this position continued I until something comes to my mind, that I need to find

Something doing, then I looked inwards to see what I can start doing then I began a

Business on a “Pico-Scale-Level”. As I started this, I began to see world in a new

Pedestal, I began to take the world as it comes to me, “a step at a time”, as my mother

Would commonly say to us. When I start like this, things though were not easy but I

Started seeing the world from a new angle different from the angles that I had

Abinitio been seeing the world from.


By "Pico-Scale-Level", the author means the lowest possible means of starting a business or something, because there is "small-scale", "medium scale" among other levels, but the ebb I started from was from "nothing", zero level.

In Mathematics there is something called straight line and we have a "Sinusoidal" like curve too, stating a curve that moves up and down when being plotted.


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