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Is The Surface Enough?

I cast my eyes upon your waters
I want to witness every wave
The reflection of your soul
Is the light the depths always crave

While I may never touch the bottom
I see the force as it holds you up
The swells upon the surface blue
Is the strength in which I dip my cup

I need you to tell me everything but only if it’s true
I can’t live with a lie even if it means losing you

The things I may never know
Seem to mean so much to you
The broken mast still stands
The rudder knows what to do

You hand upon the helm
There is no direction or trouble
You do not notice the clouds forming
Or the lonely sands others might discover

It is not in you to lie to anyone no matter the cost
Is it in me to recover myself no matter the time lost?

Is it enough to know only your actions
For your thoughts are deeper than your skin
The surface of the seven seas is vast
It would take a lifetime to know all of them

But I must trust upon which I float
No matter the turmoil or the calm
What I can see is endless and free
Bending but standing like a palm

If you tell me everything that I do not want to know
Is it only your life and a seed inside of me to grow?

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