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Is That My Name?


Krizia is someone who writes with her overwhelmed thoughts and emotions.

A bunch of letters assembled together

in order to identify one person

seeking some sort of validation

before one meets the shredder.

For a world as thin as a piece of paper,

the letters form a name which dribbles

across the pages full of riddles,

and into the well filled with dark blue water.

The name finally meets its rightful owner

after taking on many adventures

which shaped up a loathing picture

of a person looking so mediocre.

© 2021 Krizia


Lora Hollings on September 05, 2021:

Actually Manatita it was just the opposite. This was the way it wast stated from the play, Romeo and Juliette because of the enmity that existed between the families. Juliette says the following: "What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Thus the meaning that it isn't the name which is important since a rose would smell as sweet if you called it by any other name.

manatita44 from london on September 05, 2021:

Shakespeare wrote something about the importance of a good name. Lovely write!

Krizia (author) from Philippines on September 05, 2021:

thank you, ishika.

ISHIKA MEHERE from NAGPUR on September 05, 2021:

A very interesting piece of writing krizia. One's name is something of great significance.

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