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Is She Really A Woman?

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Amara is a writer and love to express her thoughts and emotions through poems and poetry.

Photo credit, Pixabay

Photo credit, Pixabay

Many of you may not agree with me, but our society, especially this mainstream media has made majority of the women insecure about their bodies and their looks. Setting paradigms of beauty, that a woman should look like this and that, most women are no more confident in their natural looks and bodies.

Wearing just sheer dress

With a pair of high heels

Just to be a 'Glam Diva'

Everything she has to reveal

Modest fashion is old to her

Boldness is new appeal

Is she really a women

Or just a showpiece

She should be thin

She should be tall

With a curvy figure

and no fats at all

Even to get that

She should get a surgery

Is she really a women

Or just a showpiece

Filled lips, Tiny waist

A big bust and big booty

Revealing all even wearing a dress

You made her just a symbol of sex

Putting a heavy makeup on

She should look sexy and perfect

Hiding all the pain underneath

She is fighting with her complexes

Is she really a women

Or just a showpiece

She don't like, the way she looks

She is thick, fat totally undesirable

She should be thin, tall, bold and sexy

Modesty is no more desirable

What have you done to her

She is not confident in her own body

You have actually enslaved her

With these so-called standards of beauty

You don't let her to be a real women

You actually made her a showpiece.

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