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Is Rapping Easy?

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Seth the Rhythm


You know it’s been the same,

Since the day I was born.

In the sight of the world,

Always been a boor.

Crown upon my head,

And it’s made of thorns.

Praising my God,

But God gave me horns.

You know the way of the world,

It always made me sick.

Beaten down by my parents,

Friends and I didn’t click.

You know I’m like a bomb,

With every second I tick.

Life inside a broken mind,

Watching me like a flick.

Now here I stand tall, and I'm strong,

Holding it all at the point of a gun.

Spraying rounds with my pen,

And the weakest will run.

Only the best can fight back,

So they shine like the sun.

Slicing necks is the game,

And we slit ours for fun.

So what will you do when it comes your time,

To rush into battle, on reason and rhyme?

Beaten down by the world, as if living was crime,

Can’t wipe away scars like emotional grime.

The greasy rungs that I’ve been forced to climb,

Now crumbling in the fires of passion sublime.

To everyone that would act a fool,

All you ever did was become a tool.

Now sit there dumb, as I take you to school,

You're about to learn the lesson,

Of what it means to be cruel.

Answer: Nope!

This is the second musical piece I've ever tried to write, and I'd say I didn't do completely terrible. Definitely needs some practice and refinement, but I can see why people say rapping is easy. I think that if I dedicated my life to the art, it would be easy to produce a real banger every now and again.

It's pretty much just raw passion laid out on the table for scrutiny, and with practice it could be refined pretty quick. Alas, poetry is just a way for me to waste time and let out excess emotion.

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