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Is It Unrequited Love?

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I told myself I wouldn't fall.

Yet I find myself falling for you.

Yes, I'm falling for you.

Your rugged strong look leaves me weak in the knees.

You captivate me.

You are truly a man of few words yet you speak volumes to me.

How is this possible?

Oh the gentle caress of your rough, hard-working hands gliding across my body.

The tender touch of your lips on mine sends tingles throughout my entire body.

I love the gleam in your eye when you give me a fleeting smile.

I know you will never be mine.

Yet I enjoy the little piece of your life I do get to play a part in.

I will sit in the wings waiting for a some day.

A some day which may never come to be.

Just waiting even if it's only a call or text.

Whatever small part I play in your life is worth it.

Or is it?

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