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Is It Too Early To Write ?

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A Good Day At Work

Completely over and finished

Add this one to the never-ending pile

I wonder how many people look back at all the days they have worked?

After they have worked them and rehash so many of the events that happened

I think there are only a handful that stands out in my mind

The rest become one big blur

Unless something unusual happened

For me, if someone got fired or quit

A fight or argument took place

A new boss or new employees started

Then it would stand out for a while maybe even forever

There are some nights that are better forgotten

What about the times that were somewhere in the middle?

They become anonymous

Faceless memories buried somewhere in our subconcousness

Not great but not bad

Another day that gave us one more paycheck to look forward too

As the years pass people come in and out of our lives constantly

We don't notice how long they have been there or what we had until they are gone

We are conditioned to move right along

I look back and think of all the exercise I got doing my job

I may never get rich from working all these years

What I do have is this

I withstood the test of time

I have learned to roll with the punches and still take a few on the chin

I can say something very few people say

I will be here tomorrow and soon the day after that

Unless the big guy upstairs needs a little company

Then even my best plans have changed

Work was showing some real signs of accomplishment

Now I would have had no choice

To enjoy what it was and realize it was necessary

Work does the mind and body good

Maybe it helps nourish the soul?

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