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Is Childhood Really "Innocent" -- or Just Ignorant?: A Rhyme with Food for Thought

Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


When kids hit 1 year old, it's like hanging out with a miniature drunk. They bump into things. They laugh and cry. They urinate. They vomit.

-- Johnny Depp

Everybody talks about that "innocent" age

like about angels, or some wide open book

while it's nothing more but an ignorant stage

merely crowned with that adorable empty look.

We love them instinctively with our protective heart

while they are so helpless, so dependent on us

and we don't stop even when they play smart

or start to demand, refuse, rebel, and fuss.

We've seen children jealous and mean

including cruel bullies or obnoxious brats

self-centered, and with mind not so clean

or those spoiled while acting like lazy cats.

Well, you can play with lion cub so cute

because it's ignorant of its future full size

oblivious to its true nature being so brute

what you can only detect in cubs wild eyes.

There are adults of an immature kind

displaying their incoherent brain's mess

blurting out whatever comes to their mind

escaping from adulthood -- scared of stress.

We all must have seen a few of such breed

"spontaneous", and with a fake childish charm

apparently so "innocent" and so carefree indeed

but just ignorant enough to cause you some harm.

We forgive kids, they don't know what they are doing

which is defining them as ignorant, not innocent at all

but in immature adult you never know what's brewing

you shouldn't ignore that ignorance by any heart's call.

© 2022 Val Karas

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