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world against women

My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


world against women
Again.. in a strange way
Men sympathize with men
And women sympathize with men
Weak man...stop
Don't expose the words
What is happening in the world
Do we reap what we sow?
Courts are becoming normal
group of jurors
They used to benefit the judge
Today they sleep in the courts
A lot of things the lawyer says
boring repetition
Court decides in favor of Amber
And a court decides against it
What happened in Amber's judgment
Is it a failure of justice?
Is it the deterioration of the educational and cultural level
I'm sitting in my house
listen to the music
My education level is simple
I can give you many reasons
Proving Amber's innocence
Where did Amber get the group of lawyers from?
Why is Johnny's team so happy?
And they didn't do anything

Only repeating the word did he hit you?

did he hit you

trace my finger
And it becomes a hypnosis session

Amber, choose a good team
And go to court
Winning in court has become gambling
Amber, go to court
I will help you to draw the Royal Flush

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