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Iris' Last Stand Before Leaving the Background

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A lot has gone on in the past near two weeks

One minute she was on top of the world

With the strong and supportive Stanley by her side

The next he just hopped onto a black Harley Davidson

Headed for parts unknown without her by his side

He believed that there was no future in their relationship

Might have been right because his life was directionless

Full of complications and past baggage so heavy

It could fill Newark Airport three times over

Realized that their romance was nothing but a momentary mirage

A pit stop until the next urge to develop wanderlust came into play

Developed a sense of cowardice and immaturity when it came to honesty

Instead of taking the direct approach; he went through back channels

A face to face final meeting would've been proper, along with tact

Sadly, the former hero of the story developed a yellow streak

A mile long and ten miles wide down his back

Didn't like being told that on the telephone when she got fed up

With being polite and teary eyed over the callous way to say goodbye

Done with Stanley's half-truths and broken promises

Ready for him to get on his bike and disappear into the ether

She was always a low priority for him, given his missing sensitivity chip

Feeling like the past two years has been nothing but a lie

A grand illusion to placate the victim into a false sense of security

Until he could use his past, present and future obligations

As an escape route to get out of making any commitments

Through with love for the moment, unless it involved the self-kind

Healing the napalmed heart from within harder than many would think

Not like Miley Cyrus in the rebounding department

Too much on over reflection; not enough action in moving forward

Wondered if she was too trusting with her heart to a broken man

Hopefully, someone better will come along

Not looking too far into the future

Taking life a quarter mile at a time

Will get better without that man-child to call the shots

It's her story now for better or worse.

Stanley's mode of exiting Iris' life once and for all.

Stanley's mode of exiting Iris' life once and for all.

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