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Invisible Line in the Sand

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Looking for a new line to cross that didn't have consequences

An impulse that without an earning a cream pie in the face

Whipped cream laced with cold shame in the process

Wondered when the natural red face paint disappeared

Difficult to wash off when always felt uncomfortable

Domino mistakes that lined up in a crooked row

Eager to fall with one false move to the left or the right

Been through a period of great medical upheaval

Felt more like a science experiment than a person

Placed on a cold metal slab and prodded with sharp instruments

Tested to see how far they could bend before they break

Needed some space from waiting rooms and hospital gowns

Tried to branch out somewhat when it came to listening to music

Discovered unexpected treasures in digital bargain bins

Earned a few head scratches from those who have no clue

Stopped being interested in what the world thought

Zeroed in on within and harnessed that to keep going

Searched far and wide for strong ways of self expression

That didn't contain too many regrettable moments

Of cringe inducing embarrassment down the road

Written in nearly translucent ink that only you can see

Impossible to determine what's been written

By those who don't know the secret code to decipher

Almost nearing a Rorschach test than a specific image

Interested in seeing what others determined it to be

Decided to leave a clearer interpretation out

Kept the mystery of the art intact

Realized that not everyone was going to embrace it

Others often preferred past hits than current material

Another person's trash was someone else's treasure

Landed in a place where positivity needed a warm hug

Took a bit of beating by an old school Louisville Slugger

Sore and full of splinters from the strained affair

Ready for something beyond crawling along

Inch by inch until the next scenario took place

Wanted to take a step without the stairs buckling

Under the weight of another round of a private war

Near to the finish line; desperate to not trip

Easier said than done.

Define the image and never have the same answer twice.

Define the image and never have the same answer twice.

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