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Invisible Human Existence

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Made an effort this year to deal with uncomfortable matters

Ones that causes headaches, broken hearts and the like

Wounds that needed cleaning in order for them to heal

Improvements happened after reopening one partially

A month ago to deal with an old ghost for good

Left the door ajar a smidge not for return trips

Just to be polite and not give that ghost any power

Realized that spirits only a specter of the past

An element never meant to be repeated

A test that can only be failed just once

To get the message that you weren't supposed to graduate it

Turned to a different route that allowed evolving beyond

Those yesterdays that seemed a lifetime ago

Aware that previous chapters can't be rewritten

Destined to stay the same and never accept responsibility

Pretended to be mature individuals; further from the truth

Messaging random videos of the past seen before at least 3 times

No explanation; believed it was an attempt to validate themselves

Decided it was best to simply not respond at all

What was to say anyways besides repeating assuring platitudes

Thought that it was best to be a grown up about it

Creating a new pattern to showcase developing skills

Strength and complexity that went past those pesky ghosts

Realized that the sewer changed too much this time

Grew beyond this particular pattern that never changed

Embroidered all of the personality out of this quilt

The uniqueness and compassion disappeared completely

Followed the imagined billboard that said "Disappear Here."

Became the living embodiment of Clay in Less Than Zero

Sacrificed the effort to care about the unchangeable

Unfixable souls doomed to repeat the same toxic circle

Done with this board game that went nowhere for good

Politeness overrated when want to give into angry impulses

Pointless when nothing ever changed the first few times

Waved the white flag and decided to walk away

Much safer for everyone involved; less of a mess to clean up.

Time to smooth the personality out of this pattern.

Time to smooth the personality out of this pattern.

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