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Invisible Blanket

Moin is a student of Humanities (Arts). His hobby is writing Short Stories, Poems and Articles. He lives in India and loves meeting people.

Invisible Blanket



Invisible Blanket

Intoduction to Nature

We have been under the shade of nature for a long time. We all are part of it. Without her, our existence is impossible.


We daily interact with nature. Some feel it, while some ignore it. Those who ignore don't know what a bounty nature is to man, but those who feel it, enjoy it, discover it, know what truly she is.

Nature's lap is solacing. Whenever I feel lonely, I don't seem for a company of people, but company of nature. I have learnt many things from nature herself, that I might have never learned from people. When I am elated, I celebrate by going to a nearby garden or riverside. I listen to songs of trees, chirping of birds, warbling of water, and much more. I seek them whenever I go. I feel at home when I am in her lap. After my mother's lap comes Nature's lap. I feel sleepy, drowsy; ready to dive. I feel so myself.

To understand nature with a better perspective, let's take an example. If you start at a tree, nothing will happen. Maybe, twitching of branches or movement of small creatures. But, if you see it through an artists eye, you will be wonderstruck. You will be speechless to define the beauty. An artist's eyes see the tree as a living, breathing, talking subject. A subject of great interest. For example, if an artists come across a leafless tree, he will not draw the same. He will grow lush leaves on its branches. He will make the background more attractive. If we view it from a writer's point of view, he will talk to the tree. He will describe that one tree in thosands of words; connecting his views to the tree. He will compose a poem, which can lead to encouragement of saving more trees. He will make a difference.

Did you get it? It all depends on our perspective. Think beautiful and you shall watch beauty.

So, here is a poem I wrote when I was at the peak of elation. It merely took 5 minutes in composing it. It came to my heart with a sudden rush of excitement. I hope you enjoy it! Happy Reading!

Wind. Isn't it beautiful?

Invisible Blanket


The wind enveloped me in her arms;
I saw her travelling through the farms.
She is unseen, untouched, but is felt;
wherever she exists, fire melt.

She travels through my hair,
and makes my heart lovely and fair.
She carries the heavenly scents,
and the poet's words that went.

On her,the dead leaves ride;
they experience a greater pride.
She carries them to the other side;
they lay waiting for another ride.

With her invisible hands, she revives flowers.
Such a lovely gentleness! Such great powers!
She is beautiful: she has no colour or form;
but when she is in rage, she becomes a storm.

She uniformly directs the raindrops.
She is wise: she directs them to fall on crops.
She holds onto the cables and swings;
she, in my heart, happiness brings.

Love what is beautiful! And learn to identify what beauty is.

© 2020 Moin Khan Muzammil

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