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Invasion of the Pod Person Snatchers Race

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Eager to regain some balance of normalcy and comic relief

Ability to laugh at Monty Python smoothed out by pills

Mainly just polite smiles and mild chuckles

Instead transformed into a Stepford adjacent pretender

Someone coifed and well-mannered on the outside

But a complete and utter mess in the private sector

Someone who liked to eat Chocolate and fruit snacks

To cope with the stressors that plagued their corporate lives

Dissatisfied with the rudderless road map that the future became

Lost and utterly disappointed by the lack of reality in the fantasies

Transformed in a muted beige colored monster invading Tokyo

Like Godzilla hungry for chaos and beating up Mothra

Stirring for the beat down that will never come

Been training and exercising into oblivion

All these plans and goals with no way to execute them

Angry enough to punch a hole in a mirror

Causing seven years' worth of bad luck and failure

Feeling as if my emotions will eat me alive

From stem to stern; nothing left to lose or gain

Self-confidence at all time low because a fact was pointed out

By someone with a lack of decorum and overly blunt nature

Ate my weigh in Gushers and ice cream to combat everything

Words sharper than the strongest most lethal knives

That the Iron Chef or a martial artist could ever use

Ready to submit to a new type of plan

Breaking out of the stale world of complacency

Looking for a new groove and developing a new attitude

Not ready to give up or give into the fear of it all

Ready for anything to shake up the status quo

Well, nearly almost anything.

Even certain adventurous people have their limits

Not many but just enough to make them normally human

The newfangled game starts now.

A little variety never looked so good.

A little variety never looked so good.

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