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Introvert's Diary

Introvert's Word

They call me a wallflower,
My presence is like a frame hanging on walls.
But I am a definition of silence,
An introvert,
An observer, a listener, a contemplator, and all.
For them, I am anti-social,
But for me, I am my original version.
For the social interaction is their source of energy,
But mine is a little different so let me be,
For it takes me years to flaunt on my true colors,
For it took me years to accept myself as a silent creature.
For I was an introvert even before the word 'Introvert' touched my mind,
And I will always be an introvert even after dyeing myself hundred times in their color.
So let me dance on my introversion,
For everyone is different yet best in their own form

© 2021 Aisha Chhetri