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Help, I'm Falling


Where am I?
How did I end up here?
Hello.. Please,
Is anybody there?

I can’t see
I can’t feel
What is happening
I don’t understand a thing

Why is it so hard to breathe
Feels like I’m drowning
Falling down below
And no one to hold on to

Gasping for air to breath in
My chest is aching
Please, I need your oxygen
Pull me back on top again

But no one is around
No one hears my sound
Wailing in pain
Silently begging

Help me, please, anyone
Pull me out in this dark abyss
I need someone now the most
Save me from being lost

But I’m falling endlessly
Drowning deeper and deeper
The surface is out of my reach
And the light is going away further

When can I ever reach the bottom
I just want to close my eyes and rest
No one can reach me in this place
Because I’m falling into the darkness.


manatita44 from london on July 18, 2020:


You express this common feeling pretty well. Can I ask what prompted this piece? Excellent work!

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