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Into the Woods and Back to the Abyss

I've traveled beyond words into depths deeper than the mind... & yet I'm back to the hellous hell people call Life, especially Reality...


Into the woods and back to the abyss
Like the sun never rose to the occasion
The hapless stars only lit up in the light
And the dark moon only bled in red

Into the maze and floating out to space
As if life wasn't a sinful mockery already
The fires only showed green flames
Yet burned all within save the skin

Happy not being happy for happiness sake
Pensive minds are now numbly forgotten
Spirits were high in lightning clouds
Jarred and shattered were the insides

The tiny morsels that were thus far
Were far from what hope would hope too
Yet were grand mirages one after another
Thence evaporated to familiar oblivion

Not until attempts were made to heal
To fix, re-fix, cure, improve and enhance
Nevertheless all heavens chained tight
A bad life was better than a shattered heart...

May the light never enter the room
May the days cease from being counted
May heaven and hell be just imaginations
May my eternal sleep be never awakened
May I never wake up again...

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