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Into The Trees

Once my father took me to the Coastal Redwoods. It was overwhelming and otherworldly. Incense in the air, and a warning


Once Upon a Path Into the Trees

It was I who beckoned to them
Not the other way.
In my anticipation, I thought I heard
A branch sway, saying
Certain a gesture for me to stay

Incense of Red Wood millennia
From the family below
Crystalized fecundity, Mother Earth
Fertile, the alchemy of Tree Birth
In this swath of Blue Green's glow
I felt as one, in the beginning

Beneath the grandmother of time
Who taught the others to measure in rings
times passing
Immediately, I knew I had to go!
Split second my eternity, passing slow
Unfit as a breech of integrity

I slithered away like a snake
Mother Gaia whispers from the brood:
"Redwoods aren't for glory of men
Nor man or the glory of the Red Wood"
She seeps among the damp incense
and says, "get out and far away"