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Into Strangers

Krisselle is a lost soul searching for her purpose in this mundane lifetime.

I try to erase your marks from my life,

Told them you’re just a passer that briefly stopped over,

Buried that truth somehow something did not turn out right,

Covered it up and prayed no one will discover.

I didn’t look back to where you are,

Never bother to ask if you are doing okay,

Never realize we’re both casualty of our “Pride War”,

Never give a thought about it because no one bother to say.

I cut the strings and burned all our connections,

Swept away all ashes and left no debris,

Ran away because I was blinded by my emotions,

But the saddest part is I never cared to ask if you are now happy.

Yesterday I surfed in social media and saw your picture,

Realized you were my BFF and that what’s people still knew,

We never have the idea that in this future,

We are no longer friends but strangers; it hurts but it’s true.

© 2019 Krisselle Jane Solangon

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