Intertwining Ironies

Updated on June 25, 2019
John Mark Cabusog profile image

A software engineer whose passion is spreading wisdom and beauty through the art of writing.

Take a look at those foggy mountain ranges,
as your crippling heart slowly breaks and rages
Feel the sweet wind as it enters your soul,
but your body is numb and your heart is cold

See the fresh mists in the flower's leaves,
as the sunlight touches it's sparkly surfaces,
You suddenly fall in love with it's radiant beauty,
but the sun's cruel enough to heat those drops away

"What you feel is what you see", is not true
You feel gloomy but the sky is bright and blue?
You feel you're stagnant and almost empty
But still the innocent river flows abundantly

The world is a big mess, nothing here is in unison
When bomb's exploding, gun's rattling, nature carries on
Disco lights, screaming women and bloody room
The night is silent still, like a dead in a tomb

A beautiful couple sleeps in the calm, comforting night
A homeless child lays in the street, hugging his mother tight
Ripples in lake shimmer under the moonlight's embrace
But the hungry child's flowing tears are full of might and grace

When serenity touches the once barbaric hearts
Nature begins to move and show it's wraths
When hope and peace start to fully bloom
Earth rumbles, lightning strikes, this is doom!

Nature and emotions are opposing forces indeed
Like electrons in different directions and speed
When feelings seem so gratifyingly strong
Nature interferes, and shouts, "it's wrong!"

In every dimensions, in every angle of reality
One cannot rebut the life's facticity
That the world cannot exist without nature
but emotions give life a touch of adventure

But oh, wait, you should never ever forget
That someone beyond us has to orchestrate
In every motion of the ocean, in each birth of new stars
In every beautiful auroras, in each colliding cars

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    © 2019 John Mark Cabusog



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