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InternalMental Disputes


There was a boy named Joe and he had to show,
Determination and strife through the road even though he didn't want to go,
Running through the forest dead trees no florist,
Light a ciggarette to forget that I'm no pain tourist,
Look up to the sky and rely to fly and to even try,
Instead of running and gunning and asking god why?
Live in the positive and try to go relive the good times,
Go and lose it in the music and live through the rhymes,
It's no crime to chime into this happiness,
Instead of living in this crappy mess,
Time is of the essence so live in the present,
And present what we sent and what we meant,
Test the best and leave out the rest and build a nest,
Dreams aren't what it seems no more beats on my chest,
I will be my very best under the moons crest, I dream of the best that I can be so I can see reality from the highest degree, try this tea and see the chi within the key to uncloch the box that rocks my socks,
Don't drop it so stop and sit to relax and get the peace back,
Don't trap the peace that Is in our dreams we are all on the same team .

© 2018 Tommy Hall

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