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Lolu is a Civil Engineer with a flair and passion for writing.

As I sat in the chair

My eyes fed on her

She looked back at me

As she leaned against the window

The wind softly blowing through the blinds

Her anatomy filtering through her gown

Our eyes locked in warm embrace

Searching into the depths of the soul

For passions yet unexplored

My hand I reached to her

And glide toward me she did

Her hand warm and smooth

I felt her against me

And savored her fragrance

Like the early morning rose

My fingers I put on her face

Her skin tender and supple

It fell on her shoulders

Gliding gently downwards

Over every contour on the way

Her lips I touched

As they slowly parted

Revealing well set teeth

Her lips trembled and quivered

At my soft caress

As a soft mourn

Escaped her pouty lips

© 2020 omololu dare