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Intelligent Emotion

A thought is a sparkle to the soul, stimulating the subconscious. I'm an experienced poet that writes on life changing issues and topics.


Downcast and dejected with the dues of life

Drowsy and weary with the challenges of life

I've tried to solve the puzzle with the best of brain intelligence

But the more I push forward, the harder it pushes me back

Now it seems that I'm all alone on an unknown planet

The time has stopped and all beings seem extinct

I've been caught in the web of isolation

But I need the resolution to make a way through


He came on the scene with smartness and wit

Gave me doses of advice and advocated for a deep thought

Thinking that all I need is a sagacious solution

But there's more to a thing than it meets the eye

Now she came with precision and accuracy

Understanding that we're emotionally sociable beings

Her display of intelligent emotion paved way for a common ground

And her soothing smile and lesser words gave me a resolution


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