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Poetry is something that I loved to write for as long as I can remember, it is a way that I express my thoughts and feeling to the world.


The Chains

Bound by unholy chains that strip us of our dignity
constantly told that we are not good enough to be free
given names that demean and debase us for so many years
and told to let let go of our past self and become someone new
our souls chained to a life that we did not want
given no choice but to live the way we are told
in constant fear of being torn down and resold
reaching for comfort in the people around us
only to have that stripped away when the time came
the past may be the past but chains still remain
and no matter how hard we try it can never be erased

Freedom March

Freedom comes to those march holding hands and singing songs
people walking in the streets and yelling fighting and making scenes
all they want is a voice to be heard, all they need a face to be seen
children dying and people lying and no seems to very much care
men are marching, women are fighting, and we all sit back and stare
lives being lost cause we all seem to feel lost and still the scales are not fare
but some how we persevere with our heads held high
our pride only bruised but never broken cause we keep on marching

Drugs & Thugs

Walking zombies moving slow
running around trying to go
moving marks that track the skin
needles flying and babies in dens
wolves in sheep's clothing feed
giving to those who depend and need
killing the ones that try to succeed
creating the zombies that moan and fend
strength is show in ways that are horrid
affairs with the law that are cheap and torrid
no one is safe when the wolves are around
nothing is sacred when money needs to be found
drugs and thugs go hand and hand
taking what you want in the freedom land


Online Rewind

Searching for the answers that no one seems to have
hoping beyond hope that you will find your place
online rewind going forward to go back in time
trying to send out a message to all in the same boat
the past is the present and the present is the future
the life we live online is the one that we hold the most dear
we the people are a bunch of ones and zeros trying to be free
but no matter how hard we work thing will always be
we fix ourselves with patch cords and cables like mechanical puppets
life will never be the same until we learn to change

Too Cool To Move

Too cool to do anything but be you
living the life that you feel you deserve
unable to do all the things that you need to do
time flies and you still sit around waiting for luck
life is a luxury that you take for granted
thinking that you should be treated like royalty
no skills but the ones that don't have a value
sleeping though all the things that will help you
survival dependent on who can like you the most
everything is passing you by in a blur of pics and trixs
life waits for no one even those to cool to move

Progress and Change

Progress and change are the foundation on which we as a people operate, we proceed to change the world around us, sometimes for the good sometimes not put we do make a change. sometimes it takes a while to see that we need to make a change, our egos telling that things are great the way they are all the while life is falling apart around up and we refuse to see. progress is something that will happen whether we want it to or not, it is constantly moving forward and only slowing sometimes when it needs to but still moving forward. Change is a little more difficult to achieve because no one wants to change who they are if they think they are going good in the world, change has to be a choice.


Colors and Shapes

Nothings matters anymore, the world is going down
the future is slipping by and we can't reach it
colors and shapes is all that we see go by
trying to change what we can't see
right in front of our faces, waving the white flag
defeated with nothing left to hold on to
the world is not going to survive much longer.

Sugar & Spice

Sugar coated candyland
sweet dreams and happy things
blissful ignorance, false promises
fake smiles and bad intentions
denial of the real world problems
living blind to all the crazy ways
everything will work out for the best
nothing can truly hurt you
in the land of milk and dishonesty.

Woke Up Broken Dreams

Stay woke or get woke is what they keep saying
nothing makes sense in a world that keeps dying
waking up from a broken dream forced to see the truth
trying to get back to a place of blissful ignorance
the genie is out of the bottle and can't go back
twisted wishes that cause more bad than good
nothing is way its supposed to be and nothing will change
we try so hard to fix what keeps getting broken
the way it is, is how it will stay no matter what we do.

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