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Instagram Specific Poems - Short and Sweet

John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.


Instagram Poetry - a New Trend

The rise of social media and the huge effect it has on most peoples lives has changed the way we do a lot of things. Poetry is no exception.

Poetry is no exception. A new wave of poets has arisen who write specifically for an Instagram (and to a lesser extent, Twitter) audience. There is a plethora of poets who are attracting a huge audience of followers by writing short poems typically the length of only one or two stanzas. Some of these include j.ironwood, aracelimream, topher kearby, m.firechild, Atticus, Tyler Kent White etc.

These poets and others have seized the demands of Internet audiences, and their short attention spans, to have short, sharp things to read which they can devour in a few seconds of their busy day.

I recently joined Instagram and decided why not join this growing trend. So, here are a few of my untra-short/ flash-poems that I have written so far. Most of these poems are even too short to be given titles, but the most popular theme seems to be love and relationships.


A Collection of My Instagram Specific Poetry

It's easier to say "I Love You,"

and promise the world,

than to prove it.

Let your actions profess it every day,

not just your words.


I love you ...

With much more than just my heart.

You fill every pore of my skin ...

And I tingle ...

Every time I think of you.


Each day I wake from slumber

I push my dreams asunder.

Did you dream? I wonder.

Maybe of me, Down Under.


Close your eyes ... just for a moment,

Lose yourself in thoughts of nothing

And let your dreams take control.

Like a runnaway freight train ...

With no brakes.



There's just one thing that matters,

Not wealth, or looks, or grace.

As long as I have your true love

Everything falls into place.


Life happens.

It's a process we can't control.

So, just live it!

Rejoice in the unexpected

And be constantly amazed

Where it leads you.


Each day I wake up ...

thinking about you.

I go to sleep ...

thinking about you,

And I think about you ...

Every minute in between.


Some people are so thoughtless,

Cruel words cut like a knife.

But, even on your darkest days

You bring sunshine to my life.

So, let me lead you by the hand,

We'll find a secret place

Where no one else gets jealous

By the beauty of your face.


© 2018 John Hansen

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