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Inspirations. a Response to Brenda's Prompt, 20. Tuesday's Inspirations 20, to Brenda Arledge

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Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Quotes from the Master

"Do not depend on
Earthly applause.
Depend only on
God’s Compassion-Smile." - Sri Chinmoy

"A Heart as white as snow
Can easily brave darkness-blow." - Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy


The following poem has been influenced by Brenda Arledge latest article below:

The prompt is 'Regret', but I have based my poem, rather on her theme of 'Inspirations' in her article, within the body of her work. As you will see, I've used a line to mention both 'mirror' and 'regret', but the poem is an inspirational one of a sublime and lofty relationship, with the Divine.

Brenda needs no introduction, as she regularly and tirelessly encourages us, with prompts, either to try our hands at, or continue our creative writing efforts. She's an excellent poet and writer; a great motivator well known to the regular members of the Hubpages community. We applaud her as one singular Unit.


The only Love glowing in my Heart, is You,

My Beloved. The only Light, Your effulgence

Of a thousand suns! The only song, that of Your

Inner nightingales, sublime and melodious, even as

The wind howls and the willow whispers to the moon.

All is of Your doing, my Love, and even if the

Lapis lazuli of Heaven paints an indigo blue across

Rainbows and horizons, what are these magical

Externals, compared to the bewilderment of Thy gaze?

I have found my passion –the one that keeps me

On my knees in obeisance --shedding ascending tears

Of Joy as Your smile adorn my nakedness, the sweet flame

Of Thy serene holiness, stabbing my soul with its Grandeur.

As a youth, I was always lost in wonder. Snatching at

Butterflies, pointing to the kites of heaven; shouting at the

Moon and stars to come and dance with me. Lost in expectations,

The child vanished and I grew up; went searching for mundane

Attractions, security, the pendulum of relationships; the vicissitudes of love.

Yet like a man walking across the earth, who returns after eons

To the starting point, now I see only You, my beautiful Shyama,

Only You. There are no regrets, as You hid in the life-lessons all along,

So necessary for my development, like milk to the infant child.

Now Your Light is a golden Orb and I am the mirror; I am the gold. You

Shine in the luminosity of heaven and You are my moon, You are my lustre.

- Manatita, the Lantern Carrier. 6th July, 2021.


Quotes from the Master

"Love grows in the soul

Glows in the Heart,

And finally flows through the body." - Sri Chinmoy

"At long last,
I am able to bury my mind-jungle
Inside my heart-garden." - Sri Chinmoy



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