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Inspirational Poem - I am a Bird better than a Stupid Human

I love nature and I am inspired by the birds. I feel that they struggle more than us but they seem happy! We should learn from them


I am a Bird better than a Stupid Human

I am a bird, I am a bird..
Free, happy, peaceful and loving.
I am a bird better than a human,
I am a bird better than a stupid human.

I am a bird, as I have pleasure,
I have the strength to survive,
I have the strength to fight...
to accomplish and to be happy.

I am a bird, as I struggle and don't struggle
I struggle for my existence,
I struggle for food
And I struggle for refuge.
But I don't struggle for being heavenly!

I am a bird because I go through obstacles,
I can be eaten by the Cat,
I can be killed by the Nature,
By the rain or by lightning...

...My nest is broken by stupid human day by day,
My children don't get chow every day.
But I am a bird, since I go through obstacles happily.

I am a bird better than stupid human,
I generate happiness from every sorrow
My struggle is my happiness...

I live every moment with joy
I fly in the open blue sky.
I take pleasure of the green earth...

...As I know I will be vanished in the blue
....and will never glimpse the green again...

I am a bird I am a bird- better than a stupid human.

Don't be a stupid human, live every moment like a bird, with joy and courage.

— Param Arora

Learn from the Birds.

We think our life struggle is the toughest, however if we observe other living beings around us, we will find out that it's not true.

So, no matter how tough your life is, you should train yourself to live every moment with joy!

We may choose to struggle because of aspirations, as we want to be successful, but we should not forget to enjoy this journey. We should remember that when we reach our destination, we will realize that the journey was the actual joy and not the destination.

© 2020 BrillzLife by Param Arora

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