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Inspirational Poetry: "Beaten"

Jenny is a twenty-something-year-old who loves writing novels, poems and articles about her experiences in life.



Just the thought of you makes her wanna hit you bad,
Just to hear your voice gonna make him mad.
Your innocence was lost since you opened your eyes,
Young girl, you're beaten.

You cried every day and night,
because they never seemed to treat you right.
The way they look at you, you're never enough,
Since day one, you're frightened.

You want to cut it off,
you wanna leave the world, I understand.
But is it too much to ask if I beg you out?
Even just this time, please take my hand.

You're beaten bad, been hit in every way.
the way you smile never looks okay.
You want to cut it short but please hear me out,
Once the precious gem is gone, some worlds might fall apart.

You're just a diamond in the rough,
Life is honing you to make you tough.
I know it's not fair but know you're special.
God is always here with you in every trial.

Don't cut your life short, my friend,
Because what's in store for you is more than what's in it for them.
Please just hold on a little longer,
After these, you'll find yourself much stronger.

Their hits will be nothing anymore,
You'll feel the numbness in your bones.
You'll feel so dumb that you let them into your head,
You’ll realize you're better so you'll smile instead.

But through all this, know you're not alone,
There's a Big H.E. who cries with you all along.
From all this time, there are hundreds more,
Who got beaten like a diamond.

Be one of the survivors of your days,
Prove them wrong because you'll be okay.
Once you have your wings, let’s go and fly,
Let’s leave them down and this time they'll cry.

- jenny a. p.

Writer's Meaning Behind The Poem

In life, there are a lot of things that could bring us down, may it be other people, ourselves or the different circumstances we are in. This poem is about someone being abused and hoping to help them. Abuse is not a thing we should take lightly because anyone that goes through it can carry these awful experiences all their lives. Sometimes, it can even cause them to feel like they don't matter and there's no hope of continuing their journeys anymore. This is why it is very important to help these people find hope and shed light on the negative thoughts that they have with themselves. It also important to realize that if we are going through these things, we realize that it doesn't define us and that we are stronger than we think. We are worth it and we still a lot to look forward to in life.

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