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Inspirational Poems About Summer

Roses In The Moonlight


When The Summer Moon Calls Your Heart

When the summer moon calls your heart
And clouds fly effortlessly overhead
You dream of special places
Of forgotten lands and islands asleep on your bed

The evening breeze wafts through your shuttered heart
Reminding us of a new day and a new start
No matter what they say or do
God has a plan to see us through

Never give up on a summer night
Even if the clouds gather
And there is a storm in sight
Remember after the dark black clouds
Another beam of light and another brand new day
Will break forth into your life and open your path
To another way!

The Evening Can Inspire Us To Let Bygones Be Bygones

Let Go Of The Pain And Embrace The Promise Of A New Day

Delicate Wings


Wings To Fly above The Circumstances.

Summer wind gives wings
to fly
Far above the mountains
Eagles soaring over mountain
Life giving wind will never

The winds of change will
come and go
The trees they sway
to and fro

The summer wind it
touches the soul
It beckons us to
reach our goal
Where God reaches out
to draw us in
To His precious love
free from sin

Catching The Breeze


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